What is the Difference between

Perfectio devices?

Perfectio vs Perfectio Plus

Perfectio as Silver and the Perfectio Plus as Gold

The Perfectio devices use two different types of light: LED (bright red and visible) and infrared (much stronger but not visible). On each device there is an outer ring of 16 lights and inner ring of 9 lights. I will refer to the Perfectio as silver and the Perfectio Plus as gold. 
The difference between the devices is:41f9bb162569b2428291b501ef53f3c6
The silver is made entirely of bright red LED lights, except for 4 invisible infrared lights in the inner circle. The gold is made of invisible infrared lights in the outer circle, and bright red LED lights in the inner circle. Remember, the invisible infrared lights are the most powerful which is why the gold device utilizes more infrared. Think about UV light from the sun, how powerful it is, yet it is invisible. This is the same with infrared lights, they are on a very high-frequency wavelength. This is also why it appears that the outer ring is not illuminating. If you remember seeing the outer ring light up during the demonstration, it was most assuredly from the silver.
I have attached pictures of both the gold and silver illuminated so you can see exactly what I just described.
I hope this adequately addresses your question. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any further questions!